WpCode Couponica v. 0.1b

WpCode Couponica v. 0.1b


Wp Code Couponica is the only wordpress plugin that turn your wordpress installation into a money maker machine. With this plugin you can insert your coupon (with their own affiliation link) into your themes or into yours articles.

Wp Code Couponica do not need specific server features; it uses only:

  • PHP
  • Css
  • JQuery
  • WordPress Custom Fields

You need to se just 2 custom fields, and 1 setting: Custom Thank you Message Watch screenshot for further information about.

Custom Fields:

  • Name –> “couponica_code” ; Value –> “Specific Coupon code”
  • Name –> “couponica_link”; Value –> “Your affiliation/shop Link”
  • Nothing ELSE 


You have Two way to use “WpCode Couponica

Via Shortcode:

  • Write New Post
  • Insert Shortcode
  •  Add “couponica_code” and “couponica_link” Custom fields

Via php Function:

  • Open your desired template file (probably single.php?)
  • After WordPress Loop insert:
<?php if(function_exists('couponica')) { couponica(); } ?>
  • Add “couponica_code” and “couponica_link” Custom fields



As Every other Plugin you have to:

  • Download From Worpdress Extend
  • Upload “wpcode-couponica” to your Blog’s plugins folder
  • Activate it.


  • In WordPress Dashboard plugin page go to:
  • “Add New”
  • Looking for “WpCode Couponica”
  • Install
  • Activate

Nothing Else

Screenshot & Live Demo:

[nggallery id=6]

Live Demo: Hosting Coupon


  • From WordPress Extend


PingBack http://www.wpcode.net/wpcode-couponica-v-0-1b.html/ to have your blog published HERE


Blogger, Trainee Lawyer and Wordpress Lover, and Yes, Wpcode.net Owner :D

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  1. Go Code says:

    Any update of this plugin. Demo site not working

  2. Coupon Fuse says:

    Demo not working, can you reactive? Thanks

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