Plugin: To do List [Guest Post]

Plugin: To do List [Guest Post]

It often happens to want to share with their own colleagues the hints and the ideas found in the Internet, as possible sources of new posts. The usual practice is the email: you send a multi-recipient message with the page address, advice and any notes. Thanks to a new plugin for WordPress, named Posts To Do List, all the nice rigmarole can be considerably simplified, making the ideas sharing between authors of a blog much easier and more convenient.

The basic idea is simple: a box on the edit page and create new post one allows the display of all the posts that are to be made and the form to add a new item to the list. Any user that should come by and would like to share an idea just pastes the URL of the page that inspired them into the URL field of the form. Then, the plugin autonomously bothers to retrieve the page title, as a title of the post. The reporter is then free to add a recommended keyword, any additional notes, define a priority and assign the post to a specific user.

If the intention was to report only a sketch of an idea, it is also possible to fill in the title field, leaving all the other ones blank. The addition of a new item to the list, as well as all the actions of the plugin, are executed without reloading the page, making the user experience even smoother.

Heart of the Posts To Do List is, no wonder, the list. It dynamically changes the elements order depending on the user that is viewing it, placing on top the posts specifically assigned to the current user, marked with an asterisk, in the middle those not assigned to anyone, and at the bottom those marked as already made, with a stroked font.

Clicking on the title of an item, its details will be shown, with four possible actions: go to the source of the hint, if a URL was provided when the item was added, write the post, that redirects to the new post page with the title field already filled in, mark the item as done or delete it.

The plugin also has two pages in the WordPress administration. The first can be found in the dashboard menu, and provides some statistics on the use of the plugin, with the box of the list of posts to do on the right. The statistics allow you to have well under control the number of post added to the list, what users have contributed most, how many posts have been marked as done and how many are still to be done.

In the settings menu the plugin options page is available. From there you can define the number of elements per page to display in the list, what user groups can add and delete items to and from the list and if the non-administrators users should be able to see the post non specifically assigned to them. A magic button to reset the plugin, that results in the irreversible deletion of any post from the list, is also available on the right.

The Posts To Do List is flexible, and certainly not limited to the multiauthor blog only: even individuals will find it useful to keep track of all the hints and ideas for future posts. The plugin is free (although donations are pretty welcome) and can be downloaded directly from the official WordPress repository, where you can also find frequently asked questions, changelog, screenshots and get support.

This is a guest post by Stefano Ottolenghi. Write Guest Posts


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