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How to customize feed update time

Appling this function to your function.php file you can edit the updating time of your feed; by this way you can sync your blog with feed more often. To edit time, just need to edit “600” that mean that feed will be update every 10 minutes. 600 it’s in seconds.


How to publish your posts on facebook without plugins

Facebook allow pages to syndicate feeds from specific blog. There are a new procedure to publish your wp feeds on facebook without plugins or app or everything else.

When feeds are syndicated your articles will be published on your fan page and on fan’s wall, this will turn your blog into a powerfull viral blog. Just few Steps and you will be ready.


How to Create a Feedburner feed for your blog

A basically wordpress operation is the creation of a feedburner feed starting from your wp feed. Using a feedburner feed you can get stats, monetize feed, syndicate feed and give to your blog a better image.

This tutorial will show you how to create a feedburner feed for your blog, and how to syncronize your wordpress feed with feedburner.

You do not need code, just a google account and a wordpress blog.