Pigi Pay Per Write v.2

About 1 Year ago, i’ve launched new cool plugin, named Pigi Pay Per Write; using that plugin you will be able to create a cool revenue share blog. After one year i’ve released the second edition of that, that include some excitings features:

Adsense Implementation:

How you probably know, adsense changes their code, and i’ve upgraded plugin to use this feature; your writers and admins now need to insert all adsense Javascript; not only their pub-id; this mean that writers needs to create new adsense ad with the specification that admin wants.

Other Pay per Click programs Implementation:

I’ve insered the ability to use other pay per clicks programs:

  • Chitika
  • Bidvertiser
  • Heyos

How can i set the banner size and color?

With a intuitive setup page, where you can select color from a cool Color Picker, property will appear also in the sub page called “Details” visible from your users and writer.

What’s New?

Also the ability to insert:

  • Facebook Profile url
  • Google Plus profile
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter Social Profile

Finally Screenshoots:

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5 Responses

  1. JD Sullivan says:

    Need more details in your FAQs and explanation. Where do we insert the [adsense] code? In a post? What % of the publisher’s are shown, what % of the author’s ads are shown? Does it use wordwrap if the ad is 300×250? I have a feeling your plugin does the job, just would like some more clarity.

  2. Pigi says:

    You can post [adsense] shortcode in your posts; the plugin supports all kind of banner size, and the revenue % is 100%.

  3. romes says:

    Hello, I run a gaming blog and want you use your plugin but while testing it I noticed it only shows me how much all the bloggers have earned. Is there a way to view individual earnings? Like earnings per author.


  4. Pigi says:

    Hello, no you can’t. You can only let your users publish their Banner, you can’t see how much they earn. Plugin can’t access to user’s data on Adsense etc..

  5. Ets says:

    If I understood right, the plugin gives all the revenues to the authors – 100% – and cannot be changed. Where is then the revenues share? Why should I install the plugin? The wordpress admin should be able to change the configuration to publish his own ads to a certain %, or did I misunderstand something? Help me understand.

    I didnt install your plugin yet because its now the forth plugin I would try out and until now, the other plugins had a problem that avoided me to use them.

    King regards

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